The Big Idea! Simplifying Flower Delivery in Austin, TX

Welcome to our first ever blog post! We hope to do many more of these, but weren't sure exactly how to start it off. So, why not just hop into why we think Anemone is different and doing something awesome that people will love.

The Background

Flower shops, florists, floral designers, etc have been around for years. And in a great city like Austin, TX, there definitely is no shortage! So why get into the flower business? Well, Anjali loves flowers (which if you know anything about Anemone, you probably know already) and I love trying to make her happy. What better way than make something that she loves, what she gets to do everyday?

As a husband and wife team, hopefully you will get both perspectives on what we think is so awesome about Anemone. From my perspective, I think the simplicity is really cool. I have bought Anjali flowers for years and made many friends look bad (unintentionally, and I'm sure they have made me look bad in other ways). My business philosophy is to remove as many barriers as possible, make things easy and make people happy. I saw a few barriers to most people getting flowers:

  • Not sure where to go
  • Don't know what looks good to their significant other
  • Uncertain how to arrange the flowers
  • Florist bouquets can get expensive, quick

If one of those sounds like you, here are my answers for you:

  • We always deliver to you, included in the price!
  • Anjali crafts a gorgeous, unique arrangement that we are sure you will both love
  • We deliver already arranged, in a vase - just set on a table and you are good to go!
  • We have simple, affordable pricing; just $49, $75 or $99 plus tax.

Why I Really Like Our Idea

I want everyone to have beautiful flowers. We have set it up so that everything is incredibly easy (maybe too easy!). We only have one product - a Sensational Bouquet. It comes in 3 sizes - small, medium and large (there are photos on the product page). You choose the size and Anjali does everything else (check out our Portfolio page / Instagram account for examples. Then, you just tell us when to deliver and where - that's it! Just make sure you or the recipient is available to accept delivery.

What I Really Hope Catches On

I really hope people like our monthly subscription option. Flowers bring such life and beauty to a home (or other space), that this is really a small price for something that could bring someone so much happiness. This has to be one of the easiest ways to score bonus points with your significant other. Just purchase the subscription once and we will keep them coming!

Another pretty cool aspect of the subscription option - our bouquets will just keep getting better! With each delivery you can provide feedback on what you liked, didn't like or would want to try for next time. Say you liked one flower but hated another - tell us and we can make sure to develop something you love, without exception.

And thus ends my first blog post! To many more!

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