Same Day Flower Delivery Austin, TX

This post is a PSA of sorts, as we have decided to change our policy. Although we have only been delivering flowers for a few months, we received orders for (and delivered) a number of arrangements on the same day. A lot of you all appear to want this, so we are going to give it to you!

Starting today, Anemone Floral officially offers free same day delivery to Austin, TX with only 2 caveats:

  1. Orders must be placed before noon (12pm)
  2. The delivery time must be at least 4 hours after the order is placed. For example, if you place an order at 11am, we cannot deliver it until 3pm or later

When you place an order with Anemone Floral, our #1 objective is to create a stunning arrangement that you love. We found that the minimum amount of time that we need to craft a bouquet that meets that standard is 4 hours. However, the longer you give us (e.g. 5+ hours, next day delivery or on our monthly subscription plan) - the more opportunity we have to create something even better.

So, this is for all of the spur of the moment romantics out there; the last-minute procrastinators; and the gotta-get-out-of-the-doghouse wrong doers. Anemone Floral is here for you!

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